Are you going to international job search? TEK offers its members a GoinGlobal service to support foreigner search.

You can find GoinGlobal's website:

Country Career Guides: Country-specific information on job search processes including CV templates, guidelines for job interview and listings from employers.What kind of job application should I write to France?
USA/Canada City Career Guides: I would like to work in Silicon Valley; where do I go from? City- and state-specific information on job search covering a number of North America's largest metropolitan areas.

Job Postings and Internship Listings: The role of product development chemist in Cape Town would be interesting; can I work there in this area? More than 16 million jobs and internships are available under one search function.

H-1B Info: Who could hire a Finnish machine engineer in the USA? You will see what visas have been issued to the United States and which employers have sponsored the visas. You will not get this information anywhere else easily!

Key Employer Directory: What are the biggest electronics firms in Germany? A regularly updated database through which you can apply for employers from all over the world.

Watch the video on how to use the service.

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